About me

Hey Im Ariyaman, a 17-year-old with big dreams. I started programming at the age of 11, by learning how to make a calculator using VB. Since then I have worked with multiple people and set myself on a path to become a successful software engineer and electrical engineer. I have never attended any coding boot camp or computer science class, but I taught myself using the internet with the number of resources available.

So what can I offer you as my client? Well I consider myself a high-performance person, if I'm not better than someone in a suggested field, I will outwork them.

What i'm doing

  • Web design

    The most modern and high-quality design made at a professional level.

  • Web development

    High-quality development of sites at the professional level.

  • Application

    Professional development of applications for iOS and Android.

  • Database

    Professional development of a secure, optimal and optimized database.

Jordan Digital Creative Agency

Jordan DCA is where I am currently employed as a full-stack developer, This is the website that I and my good friend ( also employed at Jordan DCA) designed and developed

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Introducing a new social media platform that is revolutionizing the way we connect with those around us. Imagine sharing moments with the people closest to you, within a 10 km radius. This platform works just like Instagram, but with a unique twist - it's exclusive to those within your local community. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless feeds of strangers and hello to authentic connections with your neighbors. Join now and discover the power of bringing your community together through shared experiences.

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Website Made using Nodejs, html/css, and JavaScript for a corporation called Artopano.Inc. The Website runs perfectly and in terms of design, it looks amazing!

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Rez is also a website that I have developed using Nodejs and Express. This was the request from a realtor in Toronto who needed to display the real estate that he was working on and be able to change the data.

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  1. High school Felix-Leclerc

    2018 — Current ( grade 11 )

    Taking Phyics, Chemesty, Advanced Math

My skills

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Python
  • SQL
  • C
  • JavaScript